Sunday, January 18, 2009


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source: the sartorialist.

i want that little vest.
source: the fashionspot

source: the sartorialist

i tried to do this to some old tights and ended up with them looking like they were eaten away by acid. or moths. now i don't have any more 'old' tights to try it out on.
source: the sartorialist.

source: lookbook (kelsey b.-you rock)

there's just something about her.
source: the cobrasnake


brooke said...

ah, isnt DIY so much harder than it looks??

these are amazing pictures, thankyou for posting them!!

<3 brooke

Hippy Chic said...

great inspiration!! I haven't tried any DIY ripped tights, no doubt it's not real easy. GOod luck next time :))

brooke said...

hey again :) i replied to you comment on my comments, haha. thanks! youre so sweet :)

I really liked looking over this post again!

<3 brooke

Chester said...

Those are inspiring photos.
I especially love the first one.

HoneyBunny said...

amazing pics! I want those ripped tights badly, but I guess it's not so easy to get that effect. I'll probably end up buying them;)

Anonymous said...

that bright yellow sweater is so cool

Abby said...

I absolutely loooove that first outfit! love, love, love. Maybe you can get it for me sometime, haha!

tofuscloset said...

i love that little vest too..