Monday, January 26, 2009

tag, i'm it

Tagged by the lovely brooke. Thanks for being so great, sweetie!

5 things about myself:

1. I am a word nerd. Crossword puzzles, games shows, scrabble...bring it on. I can't help it. Once I won a spelling bee. Hah, that was like 5th grade.

2. I am on a (so-far) never-ending search for the perfect hair color/style. But I think I'm getting reeally close...

3. If left to myself I would probably subsist off of PB&J, swedish fish, cereal, and fruit.

4. I'm usually not without lip gloss on my lips and gum in my mouth. I have a ridiculous collection of lip glosses. And my gum of choice: Orbit Sweet Mint.

5. I have an insatiable sweet tooth.

6 things that make me happy:

1. Going out to breakfast. There's something so quaint about it.

2. Gladiolas.

3. Candles. I keep buying them. I think a lit candle (at least one) changes the whole mood in a room. My favorite candles come from Anthropologie. Here's Capri Blue Volcano. Other favorites: Red Currant, Baltic Amber, Balinese Vanilla...

4. Sleeping in, waking up slow.

5. A really great thrift store.

6. Coffee...particularly cappuccinos from my new cappuccino maker.

10 honest things about myself:'

1. I play my music really loud in the car and often dance a little too wildly for someone who should be focusing on the road.

2. I wish I were better at painting. There's something so romantic about it and I wish it came more effortlessly for me.

3. I make lists a lot. I love it. Even if I never look back at the list again, I just love writing the stuff down.

4. I can cry pretty easily. A sad movie, a touching story, even Extreme Home Makeover. I sometimes have to fight back the tears so I don't look too sissy. Ha.

5. I want to be a personal stylist. I also want to be a freelance artist, a boutique owner, open my own coffee shop, make greeting cards... basically I want to be self-employed someday and have so many passions and dreams that I don't know how I'll narrow it down.

6. I am so obsessed with France, namely Paris. Just got this book that I am very excited about:

7. I switch off between being ultra lazy and ultra productive.

8. I kind of have a thing for trashy reality TV. It can be so addictive...

9. I can be really reclusive. Just sometimes though.

10. I'm a hopeless romantic.

4th photo in my 4th folder of photos:

Okay, I cheated. It's the 4th photo in my 5th folder of photos, because the 4th photo in the 4th folder might be embarrassing for someone.

I am leaving for Miami in like 5 hours and I still have to get some shut-eye in before then, so I bid you goodnight. I will have to think about tagging someone later. For now, I tag any commenter who wishes to do this!

I will be back in like 6 days-ish. Hopefully with something like a tan. Have a great week everyone!


brooke said...

hey lovely! Hope you had fun with the tag. Completely and totally agree about the candles, too.

haha, I am a tad of a word-person too. Every time my mum's side of the family gets together, there is a debate about last saturday's cryptic crossword. hahahaha.

That photo looks like fun - and dont worry, I think I may have cheated for that same reason :)

<3 brooke

brooke said...

lol and I'm the same with the lists... I list everything :)

Abby said...

I think that I knew all those things about you already, except I didn't know that you liked gladiolas, and I didn't know you liked Paris!!! Well, I learned something new about you today (call me a stalker!...or your sister).

Jen said...

I also love going out for breakfast - although I'm usually too lazy to do it. And candles, I love them, but I'm not allowed them in my uni room, boo.